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Are restaurants allowed to keep tips paid on card? 🤔

Unfortunately, yes. But some staff got their management to share them. Here’s how.

Film editor Will Steer on how to set prices 😅

Ask your network and unions, take into account the opportunity, don’t undercut, and have faith in your value.

What to do if management don’t share out tips 😒

How to persuade them to, check if they've already promised to, and join the campaign to change the law so they have to.

Can tips count towards the minimum wage?🍴

If a restaurant, bar, hotel, or cafe counts tips towards minimum wage, they’re breaking the law.

Long hours? Here’s how to check whether they’re legal 😪

There's a legal limit on how many hours a week you're supposed to work. Here's what you need to know.

What to put on invoices to get paid 💪

Show you know about adding on debt recovery costs, tell them when and how to pay, and more. [This is partner content].
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