Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Howbox community.

Please bear these rules in mind. We reserve the right to take down anything which breaks them. If you see anything which might, please let us know at

Let’s keep things helpful and considerate, please. 🙂



Please remember that the forum is public, so if you post something here, your boss, gran, parents, and maybe even your next interviewer might end up reading it.

No threats, prejudice, hate speech, defamation or anything which breaks the law.

Don’t cut and paste the same text.


If you write posts that feel spammy or like adverts, we reserve the right to take them down.

But if you write a post which answers the question in a helpful and informative way, in which you mention how your product, service, or organisation could help the questioner, that’s great. Relevance is key.

If you are writing about your own initiative, it works best when you stick to verifiable facts, not opinions. So for example, “we’ve got a 5 star rating on iTunes” works better than “we’re the best solution in the marketplace.” “Our campaign led 200 restaurants to change their tipping policy” works better than “everyone said our campaign was one of the most successful they’d ever been involved in.”

If you’ve posted something we like, we might feature your insight in an article on the front of the site, or promote it on our Twitter and Facebook or other social media.


No posts from corporate identities, only named or anonymous individuals.


When you post something, we can be liable for it as the host. Given that, please try to avoid unverified rumours, hearsay, or anything which could be defamatory or break the law in any way.


What we like

We like posts which…

  • Are friendly, helpful, and clear
  • Don’t require specialist knowledge to understand
  • Show that you have expertise or experience in the situation you’re writing about
  • Give sources
  • Are genuine, authentic, and show your passion for what you’re doing
  • Illustrate the point with relevant experience or a story
  • Make us laugh
  • If you’re writing about how to do something tricky, we like posts which are split into steps like an easy-to-follow recipe. Walkthroughs and screenshots are even better.

To make your posts as useful as possible, remember that most readers won’t know as much about your topic as you do, so try and keep them easy to understand.



If you want inspiration for what you could post about on Howbox, here are some thoughts.

You don’t have to be an independent worker to post. If you do something which could be useful for early stage businesses, freelancers, self-employed people, temps, or people working in the gig economy, then your experience and knowledge can be useful.

You don’t have to post directly about what you do. You can also write about a skill you’ve worked on or acquired in the past, like speed reading, SEO, or how to have difficult conversations.

You don’t have to post about things which you achieved or which worked out well. If you tried something and it didn’t work and you learned something from it, that can be valuable too. If you got through something difficult, your experience might help someone else get through a similar challenge, or help someone find the courage to try something new and know that if it doesn’t work out, it’s not the end of the world.