Charge more if someone pays you late, deal with bullying, check if you’re owed backpay, holiday pay, sick pay, maternity pay, and more. You have rights! Don’t get scammed out of them.


Are restaurants allowed to keep tips paid on card? 🤔

Unfortunately, yes. But some staff got their management to share them. Here’s how.

What to do if management don’t share out tips 😒

How to persuade them to, check if they've already promised to, and join the campaign to change the law so they have to.

Can tips count towards the minimum wage?🍴

If a restaurant, bar, hotel, or cafe counts tips towards minimum wage, they’re breaking the law.

Long hours? Here’s how to check whether they’re legal 😪

There's a legal limit on how many hours a week you're supposed to work. Here's what you need to know.

What to put on invoices to get paid 💪

Show you know about adding on debt recovery costs, tell them when and how to pay, and more. [This is partner content].

If you work overtime, are you owed wages? ⏲️

If you work so much your pay works out less than the minimum wage, here’s what to do.

How to check your pay on a pay-between-assignments contract 💸

You should be paid between each assignment. Here's how to work out how much.

Temping? Avoid this scam if you can 😠

If your agency calls or texts about work at strange hours or offers you work very far away, be careful.

Temping? Avoid umbrella companies. Here’s why 🌂

They're probably trying to avoid tax and make life harder for temps. Go elsewhere.

Should you get minimum wage, holiday and sick pay? 👍

About half a million people don't get the paid holiday days they should because they don't know their work rights. Are you one of them? Here's ...