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    Snow leopard

    How does holiday pay work for temps?

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    Adrian Gregory

    I run a temp agency in London called Extraman.

    All temps are entitled to holiday pay by law.

    That’s the first thing. If you’re temping, you’re entitled to holiday pay!

    It accrues from your first hour of work. And it’s 12.07% of your basic pay.


To work out what 12.07% is, multiply your pay by 0.1207.

    So if you are being paid £8 an hour, for example, after one hour of work you are entitled to 97p of holiday pay. 

    That’s 8 x 0.1207.

    After a seven hour day at £8 an hour you will have earned £56. So you would do £56 x 0.1207. 

    And you would be entitled to £6.76 of holiday pay.

    So if you did one day and you earned £56 for example, then left and said ‘I don’t want to work any more’, you can say ‘can I have my £6.76 of holiday pay?’ You must be paid this by law.

    After 12 weeks you might be entitled to more as well. If you’re not on a pay-between-assignments contract, then after 12 weeks you’re entitled to the same pay as a permanent employee doing the same job and, if permanent employees receive more than 28 days per year, so will you.

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