Should I expense as much as I can?

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    Snow leopard

    I’m setting myself up as a sole trader for the first time and wondering about peoples’ attitudes to expenses. Do people here expense as much as you can? If not, how do you decide what to put through your sole trader account?

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    Will Steer

    I’m Will Steer. I’ve been working as a freelance editor, colourist and animator for the last four years. I run Good Hustle Films.

    I expense what I believe is appropriate. I think as freelancers we deserve to be able to reasonably expense against our income on our tax return, but just because Google gets off with zero tax doesn’t mean that it’s okay! 

About a year into freelancing I injured my foot and they were able to use a £500,000 X-ray machine on it right there and then in A&E, and I immediately had a consultation with a doctor. I didn’t pay a penny. So I think if that means I pay a fair amount of tax, fair enough.

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