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    Snow leopard

    In the restaurant where I work, the management keep the tips. Is that allowed?

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    Dave Turnbull

    My name’s Dave Turnbull, I’m a Regional Officer with responsibility for the hospitality sector within Unite the union. (

    It depends who the customer gives the tip to.

    If it’s a cash tip that’s given to you personally, it belongs to you. The management shouldn’t keep it.

    But they could have house rule which require staff to pool tips centrally in order to share with back of house staff. It’s not against the law for them to do this.

    So if the tips go into a tip jar, for example, management could exert some control over what they want to do with them. The same applies if the management charge a service charge.

    I’ve written more about this here.

    We’re campaigning to change the law so that restaurants have to share tips with staff, no matter how they’re given.

    If you want to get involved, go here or email me on

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