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    Snow leopard

    I think my temp agency is discriminating against me. What can I do?

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    Nicola Thorp

    My name’s Nicola Thorp. I’m an actress, writer and campaigner.

    This happened to me as well, when my agency tried to force me to wear high heels. I took my agency to a tribunal and launched a national campaign to change the law, which I wrote about here.

    I’m now campaigning on this, so my best recommendation is to contact me directly and tell me about it here. We might be able to get the Equalities Commission involved.

    If you think the agency’s rules are discriminatory, you can in theory take them to an employment tribunal.

    After I launched my campaign, so many people got in touch with me that I realised this kind of discrimination happens to temps all the time.

    Often it’s explicit sexism, but sometimes it’s far subtler: sexist comments or rules which put you under pressure to look a certain way. Women who do these kind of jobs feel they need to adhere to these kind of rules to pay their bills. But I don’t think it should be like that.

    This isn’t just a gender discrimination issue: it’s all kinds of discrimination. I’ve worked with women of colour who’ve been told that their hair didn’t look professional and wasn’t appropriate for the workplace. They get told to wear what the head of my former temp agency used to call ‘natural skin colour’ tights.

    Sometimes the people who run these agencies just don’t realise what they’re doing or saying. They just need a bit of a jolt to the system.

    I’ve been campaigning on it for over a year now and the amount of support I’ve received from this campaign is overwhelming!

    I’m now in contact with the Equalities Commission who are looking to fund people through the tribunal system. So get in touch and we might be able to do something.

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