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    Snow leopard

    I would love to get into broadcast journalism. How can I build up my confidence?

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    Sarah Kendal

    I’m Sarah Kendal. I’m a freelance broadcast journalist, Red Light Campaign Founder & feminist since the age of 12.

    There are few things that can really build your confidence in this industry and it starts with ignoring all your peers who will try and put you off in the first place. Many family and friends will tell you that this industry is very competitive and hard to get into which is true, but you need to develop a thick skin and ignore all the haters that try to put you off. Play some rebellious music and trust that you have the potential to go all the way if you let yourself try. Remember that the first Harry Potter novel got rejected loads of times so you’re in good company. It can sometimes feel like you’re throwing stones at a brick wall when you begin but eventually, if you hold your nerve, you will find a door.

    Ignore anyone who tells you you must do something you’re not comfortable with to ‘make it’ like get on the Daily Mail trainee scheme or go to a war zone. Focus on using your own initiative and intuition and think about what you actually want to achieve. If you work towards a goal, like uncovering corruption in local government or giving a platform to new talent, rather than focusing on yourself and your various shortcomings, it will help you stay determined and confident because you’ll be working and promoting something bigger than yourself.

    When you begin getting your toe in the door you need to work on the way your appear to others. This industry is about team work, and people need to feel that they can trust you to deliver, so enthusiastically say yes to requests, appear confident and learn how to do what needs to be done along the way. Once you manage a couple of tasks successfully than your confidence will increase.

    This industry is full of very confident extroverts, but the truth is a lot of people appear much better than they really are. Don’t let yourself be cowed by other people, because they are good at selling themselves. Learn how to play the game, even if your ego is dying inside, and keep smiling.

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